Weight Lifting Program for Strength Training Exercises

Wouldn’t it would be great to quickly and easily increase your bench press so that you can look good and feel good, maybe show off to your friends and lifting buddies in the gym? You may even eventually be benching more than any of them.

You know that you can be bigger, better, faster, and stronger and drastically increase your power and strength.

You want to pack on some lean muscle mass and be powerful, muscular physique, which will make you proud and confident to take your shirt off turning heads and getting noticed when you are on the beach. You want to walk with your head high in the air, full of confidence.

If this is you and you answered “Yes” to any of these statements… I have some important news for you.

If you do this one thing… you’re going to see more muscle and strength gains from your weightlifting workouts… than ANYTHING else you do.

If you focus on increasing the amount of weight you lift on the bench press, you WILL gain more muscle mass.

If you increase your bench press by 20 or 30 pounds in the next month … you’ll pack on at least 10 pounds of muscle.

You’re only going to gain muscle mass if you get stronger. Because when you force your body to lift more weight… you HAVE to get stronger and add lean muscle mass to handle that additional weight.

In other words… when you have to lift more weight… your body reacts to the additional stress you’re placing on it BY ADDING MORE MUSCLE TISSUE!

If you keep lifting the same amount of weight, over and over again, your body has NO REASON to get stronger OR gain muscle. It can already handle the weight you’re used to.

But when you keep lifting more and more weight… your body must adapt, get stronger, and add muscle to keep handling that additional weight with resistance training.

That’s how muscle gains are made: It’s by continuously trying to get stronger. When that happens, your body adds more muscle mass to handle this additional stress that’s placed upon it. The more muscle mass your body has… the more calories you will burn… and the more body fat you’ll lose… even when you’re resting!

Muscle mass is a very active tissue and it takes a lot of calories to maintain.

Look, if you’re skinny now… you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have any fat to lose, so you’ll just end up packing on more size and muscle.

The bench press is the easiest lift to keep track of when it comes to recording your weights. It’s easy to keep progressing up on the bench press. Most gyms have those little 2 ½ pound plates you can keep adding. 2 ½ plates could be a goal of yours every single week. It’s doable and manageable. And guess what? Each time you lift a little more weight… your body will react by adding strength and muscle to handle that additional weight.

If you’re not focusing on the bench press then you’re missing out on a ton of muscle strength that could be yours!

So what are you waiting for? You know that you need to do this NOW! You cannot wait all your life until you whither into the ground. The most important thing is to take ACTION and make a move now to get where you want to be… be successful by feeling more confident and stand proud.

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