Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Motivational Talk to YOU!


Being a bodybuilder, wouldn’t having Arnold Schwarzenegger’s motivational aspect be good to have on your side to push you through your weight lifting?

Here we break down some of his dialogues.

Motivation is sometimes hard to find, especially when it comes to working out or even just getting up to get to the gym. So the first thing is to ask yourself some questions:

Why do you want to workout?
What is your goal?

The most important thing is that you have a vision, that you have a goal, because without that vision and without that goal again you’re drifting around and you’re not going to achieve your outcome.

People don’t become successful just by accident, so don’t count on that – that’s one in a lifetime kind of a situation. So, you got to really have a specific goal.

…To have that vision of who you want to be, whether it’s to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time
…To have a great vision to be specifically like your idol and to visualize you lifting that trophy overhead

You have to have a goal. So he recommends that you sit down, take your time and think about your vision and goal.

“Why do you want to workout? What is your vision?”

Maybe you want to impress the girls or feel confident at work or on the beach
If that’s your goal and it motivates you then focus on it.

It could be that you emulate a certain bodybuilder or a football player, a certain boxer
Whatever it is, have those pictures put all over your wall. Get pictures of your idol such as or of boxers like Ali or powerlifters, weightlifters all over your walls (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger)
You need that motivation in front of you all the time, so every day you see them when you go to sleep and every day when you wake up. When you see those pictures and they motivate you to always know what you are going after.

Look forward to it, look forward to another dozen reps, and look forward to another 500 of leg raise or squat. Arnie looked forward to another curl until his arms fell off
Why? Because he knew that every rep that he did and every set that he did and weight that he lifted, he gained one step closer to turn that vision into reality.

So he was turned on by that, he was excited, he couldn’t wait to go to the gym.
He remembers that when he weighed 245 pound and a director was interested in having him coming for a reading and he had to work on his acting because he had to be in a movie.
But the director didn’t want him to weigh more than 210 pounds
He wanted him to be in this movie but he was weighing 245/246 pounds and had just won the Olympia in 1974 and he was at his biggest.
The director demanded it, he said, “Look, it’s very simple, on the day we start shooting – I’m going to put you on the scale and if you don’t make the 210, you are out because I have someone else in mind!”

And he worked on it, visualizing himself – very clear as a lean athlete.
The only way he could lose that weight was to get interested in running because up until that point he ran 3 miles before or after training. But now it was 5 miles, 6 miles, 7 miles, 8 miles and he even ran mini-marathons. In order to lose that weight he did everything with high reps levels and watched his diet.
The day before he was at the YMCA working out and running and he stepped on the scale and weighed 209 pounds.

“So it just shows you it is possible if you visualize exactly what you want to look like”

And there was no room for “I can’t get my act together or anything”, because there is only a certain amount of time. But the key thing again is:

Have the clear vision.

Have the specific goal of what you want to accomplish

Because then you never go to gym and say:
“Today I feel down a little bit”,
“I don’t know what it is all about”
“I don’t know my life, I’m confused”

NO !

When he was a kid he was like just any other kid; he had his hang ups and problems and orders. But when he joined the weight lifting club, he won his first little trophy.
Because he did the best clean jerk and then went to another meet and won another little trophy.

He started to feel like somebody

But the bottom line is everyone can use the same method because he used it in politics
He used it in making money – he used it in everything that he’s done in the movie business
When you have one little victory, then the little victories add up and that is what give you that ultimate confidence.

Well, Arnold’s most important thing is to have a deadline.
So, when he had a competition and it was in the middle of September but now was the beginning of summer, there was no more time to screw around.
So it was the time now to get going on a diet, to get going with the training and to not slack off at all because it was a deadline. The day of the competition he had to be in the best shape possible.
And he knew that if he came to the competition and he would lose because he did not schedule his training the proper way. Or he didn’t have the right frame of mind or he didn’t give everything, literally broke his butt off
He would be just so angry so he never wanted to be in that situation.
This is why it was very important to pick that time and to say this is when he has to be in top shape
Then work towards that.

But it’s not just with the competition. It was always the same with the movie business.
He had 3 months to get in really great shape for the movie and great shape for the beach also.

So that creates an urgency, that makes you really start to train hard and take it seriously
Because if you don’t have a specific plan and a a specific goal of where you want to go and when you want to get there then you wander around. You just drift around and you never get anywhere. So this is why this is important to create that urgency and the specific time when you want to be in shape.
Everyone has a problem with time and the day has 24 hours and we sleep 6. Now, he know that some out there that say he need 8 but Arnold thinks you should just sleep a little faster.
Because the bottom line is we have 6 hours of sleep from 24 hours available
So 18 hours are now available for your work, your family, your hobbies and also to learn something new or to do something new. Which could easily be that you want to learn a new language or that you want to read.

So you are going to go and take this hour out of your schedule and say : “I’m going to train an hour every day”
So this is for most people a huge challenge but it can totally get done.
Because the kind of things that Arnold did when he came to this country:

He went to school. When he was working at construction, he was working out his 5 hours a day
He was taking acting classes from 8 o’clock at night to 12 midnight
Arnold wanted to make sure that out of the 24 hours of the day that he didn’t waste one single hour.
Those hours were too precious and he just wanted to tell people to not give him a thing.
He had a difficult time with time but he didn’t have time for this.

You have time, you make the time


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